Project: A typography class assignment to design a series of covers for classic literature. A unique aspect of this assignment was the requirement to print the typeface and trace the letterforms five times to create a unique, hand-drawn
title font.


Software: Procreate App and
Adobe InDesign


Process: Find inspiration > Thumbnail sketches > Trace fonts> Digitalize type > Render final cover designs > Create mechanical for paperback

Gold leaf illustration


Project Goals: Create a set of covers that make The Lord of the Rings appeal to modern young adult fantasy readers.


Potential Uses: Series rebrand at a publisher; exclusive book covers for a book box company


Inspiration and Research: I was heavily inspired by several YA book covers such as How the King of Elfhame Learned to Hate Stories by Holly Black,  The Cruel Prince by Holly Black, Lost in the Never Woods by Aiden Thomas, and the work of JZemanek at Seedlings Design Studio. I also looked at modernized covers for classic books, such as Jeffery Nguyen’s redesign of The Chronicles of Narnia series. I also looked at some Harry Potter art by Dan Fajardo, which helped inspire the style I chose. Since there is also a large collection of The Lord of the Rings art, I went on Pinterest and found a plethora of fanart to peruse. By this time, I already had a specific style I was going for, but it helped to visualize some elements from the books and see how others see the beloved series.

Thumbnail Sketches

Gold leaf illustration

Digitalized Traced Font

Traced Font (by hand)